How Professional Document Shredding Benefits Your Business

Security is a top priority in the modern business world. Document security in Yuma, AZ is an important part of this process. Yet, many business owners don’t realize all the additional benefits of professional shredding. It’s far more than simply getting rid of confidential documents. Consider these top five benefits of professional shredding for your […]

Why Do I Need a Certificate of Destruction for My Shredded Documents?

Hooray, you have shredded all of your sensitive documents! You can relax – or can you? Making sure your sensitive documents are destroyed can haunt the smart business owner, but it doesn’t have to. Be sure to shred all of your unnecessary, time-sensitive documents. If you need help or just want to share the task, […]

Why You Need to Shred Your Confidential Documents

With the increase of identity and data theft, shredding your important documents protects you and your clients. Between social media and the garbage you produce, thieves can easily piece together enough of the puzzle to take what doesn’t belong to them—sometimes with devastating results. It’s generally easy enough to get rid of digital files, but […]