Why On-Site Paper Shredding Is The Way To Go

Why On Site Paper Shredding Is The Way To Go

If you’re like most businesses, you have a lot of confidential documents that need to be shredded. You may have considered doing it yourself, but this can be a risky proposition. There are a lot of ways to mess up paper shredding, and if your documents fall into the wrong hands, you could be in […]

Common Errors Firms Make with Protecting Confidential Information

Common Errors Firms Make With Protecting Confidential Information

It’s no secret that businesses are targets for data theft. Every day, there are reports in the news of companies that have had their confidential information stolen by cybercriminals. When safeguarding sensitive data, firms should be aware of their most common mistakes. Here are the most common errors firms make when trying to protect their […]

Secure Document Shredding In Yuma, Az

Document Shredding

If you are looking for a reliable and secure document shredding service in Yuma, AZ, look no further than our Desert Document Shredders Shredding team. Desert Document Shredders offer comprehensive hard drive and document shredding services to ensure your confidential information is destroyed safely and securely. We understand the importance of protecting your data and […]

The Importance of Document Security

The Importance Of Document Security

There are a lot of things to worry about when you’re running a business, but one thing that should be at the top of your list is document security. Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to protect your confidential data from prying eyes. Not only is it a matter of protecting your customers’ privacy, but […]

Identity Theft: How Secure Document Shredding Can Protect You

Identity Theft How Secure Document Shredding Can Protect You

Identity theft is a serious crime that can have a lasting impact on your life. According to the Federal Trade Commission, “In 2016, there were 16.7 million victims of identity theft, up from 15.4 million in 2015.” This is why it is so important to take steps to protect yourself from this type of crime. One […]