Fraud Prevention: How to Reduce Your Risks

In 2017, close to 16.7 million people were victims of this awful crime in the United States alone, and stats are only increasing with each year. Fraud targets not just individuals, but businesses both large and small as well. In fact, of these affected victims, $16.8 billion was stolen in total – a number that might quite […]

Obscure Documents To Shred

Turning to a professional company to have your documents shred is one of the most secure means of document disposal you can trust in. Prevent risk of unauthorized exposure and most importantly, prevent potential information theft and/or fraud with ongoing secure, document shredding. With that said, it’s critical you are shredding documents that need the […]

How To Help Your Remote Workers Shred

Working remotely has brought up a number of security issues in regards to document shredding efforts. You need to stay on top of your shredding needs for security and compliance reasons, so what can you do to help remote workers? The key is to implement a good shredding strategy to ensure remote work is protected […]

Get Your Home Work Space Secure

Many of us have been forced into working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In most cases this is a strange new world that people have been thrust into, and adapting could be difficult. A big concern many have is how to keep private work information secure while working under these conditions. The best […]

4 Documents You NEED To Shred

The fight against identity theft is ever ongoing and requires constant vigilance on behalf of all of us, especially those who are entrusted to the safe keeping of private information. Despite constant warnings and suggestions people still fall victim to those who would do them harm. In order to do the best that we can […]