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We use the industry’s most cutting-edge paper shredding trucks and equipment. Our customer support team is highly skilled and knowledgeable about every facet of the shredding business.
Desert Document Shredders is a professional shredding service that ensures your confidential papers are permanently destroyed. Document shredding protects your company and your household from identity theft and fraud, as well as the legal liabilities of non-compliance. For the maximum level of privacy protection, we follow federal and state privacy regulations while destroying documents. With the Desert Document Shredders team, you can be certain that your information is in good hands.
To schedule a shredding service, simply contact us via our website or by phone. We tailor our services to your unique requirements and budget; you may select from continuous shredding or one-time purging services. A NAID Certified professional from our team will collect and safely transfer your documents to our shredding truck. You can be certain that your privacy is our first concern and we provide additional assurance because we use industry-leading shredding technology and equipment. This ensures utmost security and compliance.
Yes, we will come to your home to collect your documents, and immediately transport them to a shredding truck. We’re your perfect solution for one-time or recurring residential shredding and provide service to residents throughout southern Arizona and California
Yes, our One-time Purge service allows residential and business customers to easily carry out a large purge or one-time clean-out of documents piling up. The same process is involved as with our scheduled shredding option. This is a popular service choice to deal with home and office clutter in a secure manner!
We will shred all documents in our on-site, secure shred truck by our certified shredders.
Yes, we destroy hard drives completely which will rid them of any information. We also destroy DVDs/CDs, smartphones, storage disks, and many other electronics. A certificate of destruction is also provided with this service.
No, paper clips, staples, and rubber bands aren’t a problem for our industrial shredders. You can simply hand over your documents as they are.
We are AAA NAID Certified, which means we comply with the highest shredding industry standards. We conduct periodic and unscheduled checks to guarantee that our company complies with all security regulations. With these checks, we will evaluate and inspect every step of the shredding process to ensure complete security. After each shred, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction.
If at any point in the future you do not require our services, simply notify our office and we’ll cancel the service, hassle-free.
Yes, we do offer free shredding containers for clients on a regular shredding schedule. We have a wide variety of sizes and types of bins depending on your facility and requirements.
Any paper holding personal information of clients, customers, or employees should be appropriately disposed of. Some items include but are not limited to:
  • Financial Records
  • Payroll Records
  • Old Personnel Files
  • Legal Documents
  • Canceled Checks
  • Bank Statements
  • Medical Records
  • Expired Identification Cards
  • Computer Printouts
  • Advertising Misprints
  • Company Invoices
  • Inventory Lists
  • Correspondence And Memos
  • Tax Records
  • Outdated Business Records

NAID AAA Certified

We are AAA NAID Certified, which means that we comply with the highest standards in the shredding industry. We go through scheduled and unscheduled visits to ensure our business follows all security guidelines by reviewing and inspecting every part of our shredding process.

We are here to answer all your questions about secure document and hard drive shredding.
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