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Why You Need to Shred Your Confidential Documents

With the increase of identity and data theft, shredding your important documents protects you and your clients. Between social media and the garbage you produce, thieves can easily piece together enough of the puzzle to take what doesn’t belong to them—sometimes with devastating results.

It’s generally easy enough to get rid of digital files, but when you have physical documents to be disposed of, you can’t just toss them in the garbage can. Shredding documents is the best way to destroy physical documents, and when you need confidential document shredding in Yuma, AZ, you can look to Desert Document Shredders. We offer customized monthly, bi-monthly, and one-time shredding for your home and office.

Here are the top reasons you need to shred your unneeded personal and business documents.

Prevent identity theft and corporate espionage

What’s the biggest reason you need to shred your confidential documents? Stopping anyone from stealing your important information, of course. Not only can thieves take your or your clients’ and customers’ information straight out of the trash, but so can your business competitors. When you have a plan, a product, or anything else crucial to conceal, shredding your documents is the best way to keep it away from someone else’s prying eyes. Imagine spending buckets of money incorporating research, just to have your ideas stolen. Better to avoid that completely by making sure your sensitive documents are shredded on-site.

Save time and make recycling easier

In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine people still manually destroying documents—but it does happen. That’s time-consuming, and not the best use of your company’s or your personal time. On the other hand, recycling companies are eager to take the recyclable paper. It can simply be tossed in a bag and taken to the nearest recycling center. Of course, Desert Document Shredders is happy to do this work for you, and we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction upon completion.

Ensure trust—keep employees and consumers happy

Doing business means you have to let clients know they can trust you with their company’s information. Otherwise, they’ll go to the next business that makes them feel safer. Similarly, you have to treat your employees as the valuable resources that they are. When you have a regular system to destroy confidential documents, you’re showing your employees and your customers that you value their privacy and loyalty. This is especially important when you’re conducting wage reviews and disciplinary actions—if another employee inadvertently stumbled upon this information, it could be devastating. Not only will the people involved be hurt, but leaving confidential employee information out can destroy the rest of the team’s morale.

If you need confidential document shredding in Yuma, AZ, and the surrounding areas, be sure to give Desert Document Shredders a call. We offer quick, confidential on-site shredding that complies with data disposal laws. Plus, there’s no noise, no dust, and no cleanup when you hire us. We’re locally-owned and affordable, so it’s easy to let us help your home or business stay safe!

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