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Why Is NAID-AAA Certification Important for Your Document Shredding Service?

When you run a business, protecting your clients’ confidential information is one of the keys to your survival as a company. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your document shredding service is NAID certified in El Centro, CA—anyone can say they’ve destroyed your files, but what does that mean to them, and how do you know it’s true? NAID certification gives you standards to count on and a reason to trust your document shredder.

What is NAID certification?

NAID stands for the National Association of Information Destruction, an organization that creates standards for the document destruction industry. They take into account both privacy and ethical concerns for document shredding companies across the nation, and developed the NAID-AAA certification. Earning this ensures that your document shredding company adheres to the highest possible ethical standards.

Many businesses like doctor’s offices, hospitals and lawyers have to follow strict regulations (such as HIPAA) regarding the destruction of information. When you have a NAID-AAA certified document shredder at your disposal, you can be assured that you’re meeting all appropriate standards for your industry. For regulations like HIPAA, which require certificates of destruction, NAID allows certified businesses to offer one backed by their standards and requirements.

How to get NAID-AAA certification

NAID-AAA certification involves a certification and audit process to ensure that the document destroyers comply with all federal and state regulations for document shredding and disposal. This includes completing background checks on employees, signing confidentiality agreements, employee drug screening, uniform and ID badge requirements, written policies for the destruction of documents and third-party background checks on owners. This is in addition to requiring that the company follow all federal, state and local laws for truck drivers, document shredders and businesses.

Once a business is NAID-AAA certified, they are subject to audits from NAID to ensure their continued compliance with all standards, regulations and law. This allows business owners to rest assured that the document destroyers continue to be compliant, rather than just being a one-time certification with no follow-up afterwards.

Not all document destruction services in California are NAID certified—in fact, fewer than a third of them have met the standards for the industry. When you’re researching qualified document shredding services, make sure you verify their NAID certification status. It’s the difference between hiring an expert and just some guy off the street.

NAID certified document shredders in El Centro, CA

Your clients’ privacy is paramount, so you need to pick a document shredder that can meet your industry’s standards, backed by a guarantee. When you need convenient NAID certified document shredding in El Centro, CA, Desert Document Shredders can bring secure, private shredding services right to your front door. We serve El Centro clients in destroying paper and hard drives right on-site, as well as CDs, thumb drives, credit cards, and more. We’re happy to assist both commercial and residential clients, and will guarantee that your sensitive documents are completely destroyed. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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