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Why Do I Need a Certificate of Destruction for My Shredded Documents?

Hooray, you have shredded all of your sensitive documents! You can relax – or can you? Making sure your sensitive documents are destroyed can haunt the smart business owner, but it doesn’t have to. Be sure to shred all of your unnecessary, time-sensitive documents. If you need help or just want to share the task, call the pros at Desert Document Shredders and ensure your shredding is certified in Yuma, AZ.

When your documents were shredded, did you get a certificate of destruction? If you don’t know what these are, they’re legally enforceable documents that show your documents were shredded according to relevant privacy laws. When you’re looking for a document shredder, make sure you pick a company offering shredding certified in Yuma, AZ who can tell you about every part of the document shredding process.

Here are the features of a detailed certification of destruction:

  • Unique and serialized document number: Having a unique and serialized document number helps if you’re ever required to show clients—or courts—that you did everything you could to ensure your private documents were shredded appropriately.
  • Chain of custody: The chain of custody simply refers to the sequence of people who were once in possession of your documents. A detailed certificate of destruction will tell you exactly who handled your business papers before they were destroyed.
  • Terms and conditions: Always make sure you know the terms and conditions of how your sensitive papers will be destroyed. You might find that a company doesn’t comply with your business’ regulations, or that you don’t feel confident in having them take responsibility for your work. Making sure terms and conditions are outlined right on the page can help you manage legal and personal expectations.
  • Acceptance of responsibility: You’re asking a company to take responsibility to shred your documents, so it’s really important that they destroy them—and in this case, do so in a legally-binding contract. Imagine if your sensitive documents got out. Your clients could sue you! That’s why you need to go with a company who will take full responsibility if your documents are compromised.
  • Time, date, location and witness: Your certification of destruction should include the time the documents were destroyed, the location at which they were destroyed and the signature of a witness. This is important because if there are any questions about how, where and by whom the documents were destroyed, you can easily produce evidence about how you met all legal requirements.

Certified document shredding

Do you need sensitive documents shredded and certified as such in Yuma, AZ? If you need confidential document shredding in Yuma, AZ and the surrounding areas, be sure to give Desert Document Shredders a call. We offer quick, confidential on-site shredding that complies with all applicable data disposal laws. Plus, there’s no noise, no dust and no cleanup when you hire us. We’re locally-owned and affordable, so it’s easy to let us help your home or business stay safe. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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