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The Benefits of Mobile Shredding Service

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Identity theft, scams, stolen business ideas—the risks you take when you throw important documents in the trash is high. Whether you’re protecting yourself and your family, or your clients and customers, shredding your sensitive documents are crucial to ensuring your private data stays private. Unfortunately, this can be a time-consuming job, and you still have to dispose of the paperwork afterward!

Mobile shredding in El Centro, CA is the solution to your document shredding needs. When you call Desert Document Shredders, we’ll come to you and destroy your sensitive information according to NAID standards. Check out some of the reasons why you’ll love our services:

  • Convenience: The top benefit of mobile document shredding is, of course, its convenience. Because Desert Document Shredders come to you and destroy your documents right before your eyes, you’ll have minimal disruption to your daily routine. Instead of doing it yourself or assigning an employee the job, you can have certified professionals do it for you, leaving you to focus on more pressing tasks. Plus, we can handle huge volumes of documents all at once, making it a quick and easy experience from start to finish.
  • Compliance with regulations: You can rest assured that your documents are safely and securely destroyed when you hire us, and that the shredding service complies with industry standards.
  • Eco-friendly: Recycling is an important step in helping the environment, and that includes recycling paper. When you work with us, we’ll ensure that your shredded paper makes its way to a recycling facility, not a landfill.
  • Cost savings: When you shred your own documents, you’re using your own equipment, electricity, time and recycling space, whereas utilizing Desert Document Shredders’ services saves money on all of the above. Plus, you’ll save money on transporting your documents to a dedicated shredding facility.
  • Third-party confirmation: Desert Document Shredders will provide you with a certificate of destruction, which states that your confidential documents were destroyed in compliance with federal and state regulations. If there is ever a question of whether you were negligent in your duty to protect customer or client data, you’ll have third-party documentation to back you up.

Of course, sensitive information isn’t only preserved on paper. It can also appear on hard drives, disks, CDs and other electronic equipment—and Desert Document Shredders can help with that, too. Enjoy the same convenience and guarantee as you would with paper documents. Call us to get a quote and find out exactly how we can help protect your privacy.

Mobile shredding in El Centro, CA

Protecting your data should be one of your top priorities as an individual or business owner. Stop your important information from being stolen by unscrupulous thieves. When you don’t have the time to sort and shred all of your sensitive documents at once, let the pros come to you. Desert Document Shredders offers NAID-certified mobile shredding services in El Centro, CA that are designed to be fast, easy and secure. We pride ourselves on giving you a convenient experience every time.

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