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How Secure is On-Site Shredding?

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Business owners know the importance of safeguarding client records and complying with regulations regarding
the disposal of these records. Hence, they make the wise choice of working with a NAID AAA Certified shredding
company, which in turn helps save them both time and energy. In addition, working with a NAID AAA Certified company is critical in ensuring dependable service that will keep the business compliant. However, does this certification really mean that your on-site document shredding process will be completely secure, eliminating any risks that might jeopardize your company? Let’s find out more about this certification and what it means.

The National Association for Information Deletion (NAID) is the organization that sets the standard for safe data destruction best practices. Shredding companies who want to be AAA NAID Certified must go through a rigorous verification process to ensure that they follow all current state and federal information security rules and regulations. So, in other words, this certification guarantees that the shredding firm you employ is in compliance and that your documents are safe before, during, and after destruction.

How Does It Work?

The shredding company comes with a shredding truck to your place, gathers your papers, and destroys them immediately before departing. Shredding companies employ cutting-edge shredders that use crosscut shredding technology to shred your private documents into small bits that can never be reassembled. A staff member from your company is more than welcome to come out to the mobile shredding truck to watch the procedure for extra peace of mind throughout the on-site shredding process.

Three advantages of on-site shredding:

  • Immediate Destruction – With on-site destruction, you can be assured that your papers will be reduced to little, ragged bits of paper within minutes of your bin being emptied.
  • Witness the destruction process – You may see your documents being hauled out to the mobile shred device, raised into the chute, dropped into the hopper, and chopped to bits if you like. Shredding companies like Desert Document Shredders make sure the chain of custody ends with you by allowing you to witness your shredding service and issuing an auditable Certificate of Destruction after each shred.
  • Single-Step Shredding – With mobile, on-site shredding, papers are removed from your shredding cabinet or bin and shredded instantly, before the shredding truck leaves your area. The procedure is straightforward, which reduces the likelihood of errors.

Now that you about the importance of working with an AAA NAID Certified shredding company and understand the measures taken to ensure a secure shredding process, you are more than ready to start shredding. Contact Desert Document Shredders today for more information about our on-site shredding service.

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