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How Professional Document Shredding Benefits Your Business

Security is a top priority in the modern business world. Document security in Yuma, AZ is an important part of this process. Yet, many business owners don’t realize all the additional benefits of professional shredding. It’s far more than simply getting rid of confidential documents. Consider these top five benefits of professional shredding for your company.

Boosts productivity

Think about all the steps involved to shred sensitive documents. You must remove staples, straighten papers, feed the paper through the machine and maintain the shredder itself. While necessary, these steps take time. While your employees are busy completing these tasks, they are not able to perform other duties. In other words, they are shredding papers instead of working on bringing in more revenue for your business. Why not outsource this task to a professional shredding company, so your team can stay focused on growing your business?

Reduces risk

Liability is a major concern for most businesses. As you dispose of documents, you must ensure you comply with regulations regarding information privacy. This can be difficult if you are relying on in-house measures for document security in Yuma, AZ. A certified shredding service will ensure that disposal methods comply with these standards to reduce your liability risks.

Improves reputation

When customers bring their business to you, they want to know you are worthy of their trust. When you can assure them that you use a professional shredding service to properly safeguard their information, this enhances your reputation. With so many privacy breaches in the news these days, this assurance can make a significant impact with customers. A professional shredding service offers documented destruction and uses locked and tracked transport to dispose of paper records.

Protects the environment

Recycling allows businesses to maintain a healthier environment. However, recycling sensitive materials comes with some risk. Even once papers have been shredded, setting them in standard recycling containers doesn’t provide optimal document security in Yuma, AZ. A professional shredding company, on the other hand, can shred and recycle in one contained facility, ensuring the protection of your privacy as well as the environment.

Cuts costs

An internal shredding program costs your company precious dollars. You must purchase quality shredders and bags for disposal, maintain the machines and pay for the electricity to run the shredders. This equipment also takes up valuable space in your office. A professional shredding company will handle all of these costs and time-consuming tasks for you, which frees up your budget for other revenue-producing items.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of professional shredding to ensure your document security in Yuma, AZ. Contact Desert Document Shredders today. We are your one-stop shop for the destruction of documents to ensure confidentiality for both your and your clients’ information. We destroy confidential paperwork, hard drives, CDs, cellphones, circuit boards, thumb drives, backup tapes, license plates, credit cards and more. Don’t see your needs on the list above? Give us a call now to see how we can help you maintain the privacy and confidentiality you desire for your business.

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