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Get Your Home Work Space Secure

Many of us have been forced into working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In most cases this is a strange new world that people have been thrust into, and adapting could be difficult. A big concern many have is how to keep private work information secure while working under these conditions. The best way to begin approaching this issue is to clean and secure your home work space.

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Cleaning Up Your Home Work Space

Wherever your home work space ends up being, make sure you treat it solely as your workplace. That means thinking of it like your desk at work, and that means using a clean desk policy. Keep only the items you need for your current work day immediately in your area, nicely organized. Don’t leave sensitive information laying around, out in the open, take some steps to secure it as you go. When your day is over, put everything away in a secure place. Choose a safe if you can, or another lockable container.

Even though you are at your home, and might be feeling pretty safe, don’t be negligent with information safety. Things could get misplaced by someone else in the household. You could suffer a break in that leads to massive information theft. Stay on top of the records, and keep them secure.

Information Still Needs To Be Destroyed

Even though you’re working from home now, and even if you’re securing your information properly, you still need to have it destroyed properly. This means getting secure document shredding services for your papers or professional hard drive destruction for electronic storage devices. While it can be tempting to try and shred items yourself, you should avoid doing so for your own peace of mind, and compliance reasons.

One way you can get help with this if you need, is to remember that many services will come to your location and shred or destroy what you need. All you have to do is request services, and you can benefit from compliant secure shredding services.

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