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4 Documents You NEED To Shred

The fight against identity theft is ever ongoing and requires constant vigilance on behalf of all of us, especially those who are entrusted to the safe keeping of private information. Despite constant warnings and suggestions people still fall victim to those who would do them harm. In order to do the best that we can in protecting ourselves we must first learn more about what kinds of information needs to get shred. Naturally anything with private information needs to go, but we are going to specifically look at 4 documents that you need to destroy.

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4 Documents To Shred

Old Passports

Passports expire eventually, it’s just a matter of when. Some like to hold on to the old versions of their passports, be it for some manner of collection or sentimental value, people will keep them. You can surely see that this does pose a great risk for identity theft considering the contents of a passport. Your best option is to have them shredded as soon as they have expired and you received your updated passport.

Drivers Licenses

Very similar to passports, old drivers licenses contain similar sensitive information that can compromise your information. Holding on to these is not an ideal decision to make for the same reason as the above. The information taken from this can be used to access all manner of accounts and information you’d rather keep private.

Bank Statements

A very obvious option, your bank statements are a direct line to your finances. Targeting these is one of the oldest methods by those who try to steal information. There’s no need to go into detail about this one, but in case you need a reminder, this information can be used to access your bank accounts, credit cards, etc.

Old Contracts

Something else that could be easily overlooked or forgotten as time goes on are old contracts that you may have signed. These types of documents are absolutely filled to bursting with private information. They need to be kept safe and, when the time comes, sent to the shredder.

When you’re ready to get back on track with taking care of all these documents, it’s time for paper shredding services. It’s the best way to keep your private information safe and secure from those who desire to steal it for their own purposes. Just let us know when you are ready.

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